- ISO 9001:2015 certified by Aenor
- UPSANA (Union of Health Professionals of Alicante) Prize of Excellence
- Centre of reference in Spain for implementing new technologies from General Electric
- Top 20 awards for best private hospital in Spain

The culmination of all our efforts and dedication comes from receiving the prestigious Top 20 Hospitals’ award in 2004 and 2008, positioning us as the best private hospital in Spain within the category of Large Private Hospitals. This study is drawn up by an internationally well known independent consulting firm, I Asist, partner of Solucient Internacional, who use indicators on the quality of care given and good financial management to assess services provided, and acknowledge the work and effort carried out by hospitals in accordance with Benchmark standards for excellence.

- Research projects with the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Due to the great interest shown by the University of Valencia for the state-of-the-art Radiotherapy equipment we have in the ICTI, a collaboration agreement between both parties has been signed for developing new dosimetric techniques for the treatment of patients using radiotherapy.

Radiation in the ITIC is generated using a pioneering CLINAC 21 linear accelerator capable of radiating tumours to milimetric precision and below and adapting the radiation fields with milimetric precision both on the tumour itself and areas to be irradiated, as well as on the healthy tissue. The aim is to minimize complications in the latter case. Such is the precision that it is even possible to target tumours smaller than a centimeter, which means that the surrounding healthy tissue is almost unharmed and does not contain radiation. Similarly, the accelerator technology enables its use in cutting edge treatment of cancers in terms of radiation safety and the build-up of dosis in both tumoural and healthy tissue. This technique is called IMRT or Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy. With this new technique it is possible to increase the dose in the target tumour and limit irradiation of surrounding healthy tissues, which are perfectly tolerable for the patient. In addition, the ICTI has a very modern unit for high dose rate brachytherapy (Microselectron HDR), which means that in minutes different types of tumours can be treated as an outpatient: gynaecological, prostatic, lung and oesophagus tumours, head and neck tumours, as well as complementary treatments for breast cancer, among others.

Summary of HCB and Inescanner projects (attached document in Spanish)

- European acknowledgement from the European Society for Medical Oncology ( E.S.M.O.) as a centre of excellence for training European oncology residents

Since receiving the accolade in 2009, in Berlin from the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) as an accredited centre for Support Treatment for Cancer Patients, on a European scale, Hospital Clínica Benidorm has entered into the ranking of centres that are allowed to train residents in this field, in Europe.

Accreditation was granted after an in-depth analysis of standard operating procedures with cancer patients by the ESMO.

Clínica Benidorm is the first private hospital in Spain to achieve this accreditation and the first in the Region of Valencia. In our country to date, only four NHS hospitals had received accreditation.

- European certificate from the European Society for Medical Oncology ( E.S.M.O.) as an accredited centre for cancer treatment and palliative care

The European Society for Medical Oncology acknowledges and accredits Hospital Clínica Benidorm as an associate member for the ongoing Comprehensive Treatment of Cancer from the diagnostic stage through to recovery or, if necessary, till death. The Society accredits that:

  • uninterrupted care is provided with the aid of a professional healthcare worker at every stage of the patient’s illness, whether it be at the GP’s, as an in-hospital patient or at home.
  • The Hospital and, in particular, the ICTI, are organized in a way that guarantees patients their illness is going to be assessed and treated by a multidisciplinary team, as well as reviewed in medical committees.
  • It has sufficient qualified staff to be able to attend to any tumour related issue, including psychological care.
  • It respects the patients’ religious beliefs and personal decisions, which means until the last moments of a patient’s life.
  • It has a 24 hour A&E service where patients are properly informed of services provided.
  • It involves other organisations to ensure patient care, such as the Hospital Care at Home Unit in the Villajoisa Hospital.

The European Society for Medical Oncology:

  • Has positively assessed the way in which we treat patients’ symptoms here in Hospital Clínica Benidorm – including cancer pain management – and that our staff undergo continuous training.
  • Has examined medical processes carried out in the ICTI, including the schedules of the different professionals dealing with a patient’s treatment from start to end, as well as the existence of telephone numbers to ensure contact between patients and their families.
  • Has reviewed scientific literature published by the ITIC’s medical specialists and has agreed to accredit the Hospital Clínica Benidorm based on meeting all the demanded requirements.